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AFGHANISTAN - 9/22/2019 - BOMB THREAT - Kabul - The Kabul Police foiled a deadly explosion by defusing an improvised explosive device at around 10:30 am on September 22 in Sarobi district. Details   

LOS ANGELES - 9/22/2019 - BOMB THREAT - Santa Monica, CA - A suspicious package near the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade was deemed not to be a threat and the area was reopened to the public on September 22. Details   

IRAQ - 9/22/2019 - BOMBING - Rutba - Pro-government Popular Mobilization Units have come under an airstrike by an unidentified aircraft near the town of al-Rutbah in Anbar province. No casualties Details   

IRAQ - 9/22/2019 - TERRORISM - Baghdad - At least seven people have been killed in three separate attacks on the northern outskirts of Baghdad on the night of September 21 and September 22. Details   

IRAQ - 9/22/2019 - BOMBING - Al Anbar Governorate - An unidentified aircraft attacked a military base in the Al Anbar area of Iraq on September 22. Details   

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Current Security Travel Alerts as of Sunday, September 22, 2019  10:37:05 PM

AFGHANISTAN - Country Risk Level - Extreme
9/22/2019BOMB THREAT - Kabul - The Kabul Police foiled a deadly explosion by defusing an improvised explosive device at around 10:30 am on September 22 in Sarobi district. Details
9/21/2019TERRORISM - Kabul - The Afghan forces foiled rocket attack on Kabul city by arresting a terrorist and confiscating multiple rounds of BM1 rockets. Details
9/21/2019TERRORISM - Charikar - One child was killed and 11 others suffered injuries in a blast in Parwan provinces Charekar city on September 21. Taliban was responsible for the blast. Details
9/18/2019TERRORISM - Qalat-e Gilzay - A car bomb explosion hit the office of the NDS intelligence agency in the southern city of Qalat-e Gilzay, At least three people killed, 45 more injured. Details
9/18/2019SECURITY - Terrorist groups and individuals are seeking to increase attacks on Americans,others living, working in Kabuls International Zone.Read entire advisory.-US GOVT Details
9/18/2019BOMBING - Jalalabad - A powerful blast, obviously a suicide bombing, followed by gun shoots rocked Jalalabad city. One policeman and five civilians were injured. Details
9/17/2019BOMBING - Kabul - A blast in the center of Afghanistans capital Kabul killed at least six people on September 17. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. Details
9/17/2019BOMBING - Parwan - At least 24 people have been killed and more than 30 wounded in a bomb blast near an election rally held by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. Details
9/16/2019POWER OUTAGE - UPDATE: About a third of the country has been hit by blackouts after electricity pylons in the northern province of Baghlan were blown up over the weekend. Details
9/15/2019BOMBING - Spin Buldak - At least one police officer was killed and two others were injured on September 15 in a bomb blast in the Spin Boldak district, in Kandahar province. Details
9/15/2019COMBAT - Paktika - In a joint counter-terrorism operation by the Aghan and the US forces, 110 Taliban terrorists were killed or injured in Paktika province on September 15. Details
9/14/2019TERRORISM - Kabul - The Afghan forces discovered and defused a roadside bomb planted by terrorists in the 5th district of Kabul city, in the vicinity of Sarai Herati. Details
9/12/2019BOMBING - Reshkor - Casualties were feared after an explosion rocked outside Afghan army special forces base in southwestern of Kabul on September 12. Details
9/10/2019EXPLOSION - Mazari Sharif - At least two people were injured in an explosion of a sticky bomb attached to a bicycle in PD5 area of Mazar-e-Sharif City, in northern Balkh province. Details
9/10/2019TERRORISM - There is a heightened threat of terrorist attack in the lead up to presidential elections on September 28. Do not travel to Afghanistan. AU GOVT Details
9/9/2019BOMBING - Saydabad - Seven members of a single-family were killed in a drone strike carried out by the foreign forces in Sayedabad district, Maidan Wardak province, on September 8. Details
9/9/2019BOMBING - Kabul - At least 3 civilians were injured as a result of an explosion in Kabul police district fifth on September 9. Details
BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA - Country Risk Level - Medium
9/12/2019BOMB THREAT - Sarajevo - Four WWII Air Bombs to be neutralized on Friday in Sarajevo. Comply with the instructions of authorized police officers and members of the civil protection. Details
BURKINA FASO - Country Risk Level - High
9/9/2019TERRORISM - Soum - 14 civilians were killed on September 8 over an attack on a goods convoy on the Dablo-Kelbo road axis, northern region. That was the second attack that day. Details
9/9/2019TERRORISM - Sanmatenga - A transport truck hit an explosive device on September 8 in the Sanmatenga Province, the central north region. 15 civilians killed and six others injured. Details
9/8/2019TERRORISM - At least 29 people were killed in Burkina Fasos troubled north September 8 after a food convoy and a transport truck were attacked, Details
EGYPT - Country Risk Level - High
9/19/2019BOMBING - Sheikh Zuweid - A roadside bomb targeting an armored vehicle has killed one member of the security forces in the town of Sheikh Zuweid, Sinai province and wounded two others. Details
ETHIOPIA - Country Risk Level - High
9/21/2019TERRORISM - Ethiopia arrested an unspecified number of Islamist militant who were planning to carry out attacks in the country on various targets including hotels. Details
9/13/2019TERRORISM - Addis Ababa - Nine people injured in a grenade attack on a police camp in the northwest of Addis Ababa on September 12. More than 20 people linked to a rebel group arrested. Details
INDIA - Country Risk Level - High
9/21/2019SECURITY - Tirunelveli - National Investigation Agency searched two places in Tirunelveli over intelligence on Islamic State-inspired terror module. No additional details were released. Details
9/17/2019SECURITY - Chennai - Chennai on high alert. Security tightened on the premises of the Madras High Court September17 a day after it received a bomb threat from Intl Khalistan Group Details
9/15/2019TERRORISM - Jammu And Kashmir - Terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed has threatened to blow up 11 railway stations and temples across six states on October 8, the day the country celebrates Dussehra. Details
9/12/2019TERRORISM - Kathua - JandK police foiled a terror plot by arresting three suspected Jaish-e-Muhammed terrorists at Lakhanpur on the Jammu-Pathankot highway in Kathua district. Details
IRAQ - Country Risk Level - Extreme
9/22/2019BOMBING - Rutba - Pro-government Popular Mobilization Units have come under an airstrike by an unidentified aircraft near the town of al-Rutbah in Anbar province. No casualties Details
9/22/2019TERRORISM - Baghdad - At least seven people have been killed in three separate attacks on the northern outskirts of Baghdad on the night of September 21 and September 22. Details
9/22/2019BOMBING - Al Anbar Governorate - An unidentified aircraft attacked a military base in the Al Anbar area of Iraq on September 22. Details
9/20/2019TERRORISM - Karbala - A bus bombing killed at least 12 people and wounded several others near Iraqs holy city of Kerbala, south of Baghdad. No immediate claim of responsibility. Details
9/17/2019COMBAT - Baqubah - A joint force of Diyala police and army launched a counter-terrorism operation in al-Nada district in the eastern part of the province, destroying 5 IS hideouts Details
9/14/2019TERRORISM - Iraqi security forces have dismantled a terrorist group in Samarra as it was planning attacks on Shia Muslims during mourning rituals on Arbaeen. Details
9/14/2019TERRORISM - Baghdad - Iraqi Police forces seized 20 containers, 332 detonators, 155 detonation timers and equipment and explosive connectors in the Aker al-Saadan, south of Baghdad. Details
9/10/2019COMBAT - Saladin - An Iraqi counter-terrorism force announced the launch of a military operation to track down Islamic State militants in Salahuddin province. Details
ISRAEL THE WEST BANK AND GAZA - Country Risk Level - Extreme
9/12/2019SECURITY - Jerusalem - Jerusalems special forces counter-terrorist unit attached to the Israeli Border Police is gearing up for the elections on September 17 and the High Holidays. Details
9/11/2019BOMBING - Gaza Strip - The Israeli military targeted 15 sites in Gaza Strip on September 11 after two rockets were fired at southern Israel the night before. Details
9/11/2019BOMBING - Yad Mordechai - Air raid sirens sound in Gaza border communities of Nativ HaAsara and Yad Mordechai, close to the northern Strip. Details
9/9/2019BOMBING - Northern Israel is on alert on September 9 as suspicion rises of an Iranian rocket being launched from Syria. Details
9/8/2019BOMBING - Eshkol - Sirens blared on the evening of September 8 in the Eshkol Regional Council in the Gaza border area as rocket launches from the Strip were identified. Details
KENYA - Country Risk Level - High
9/20/2019SECURITY - Exercise a high degree of caution in Kenya due to the high threat of terrorist attack and high level of crime. Monitor the media. AU DFAT. Details
9/12/2019BOMBING - Mandera - Five security officers were killed when their armored vehicles were hit by a rocket propelled grenade in Elwak, Mandera County. Details
9/11/2019SECURITY - Mutha - Armed bandits have unleashed terror in Mutha Ward, Kitui South, beheading a man and seriously injuring three people. Details
KOSOVO - Country Risk Level - High
9/20/2019TERRORISM - Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Kosovo. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners. - UK FCO. Details
LIBYA - Country Risk Level - Extreme
9/16/2019BOMBING - Sirte - Eastern Libyan forces launched airstrikes on September 16 at positions in the central city of Sirte, held by the internationally recognized government Details
LOS ANGELES - Country Risk Level - Medium
9/22/2019BOMB THREAT - Santa Monica, CA - A suspicious package near the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade was deemed not to be a threat and the area was reopened to the public on September 22. Details
NEPAL - Country Risk Level - High
9/20/2019BOMB THREAT - Kathmandu - The Nepal Armys Bomb Disposal Squad on the evening of September 20 disposed of two bombs found in and around the premises of the Pashupatinath Temple. Details
NEW YORK CITY - Country Risk Level - Medium
9/11/2019OTHER - New York, NY - The annual ceremony commemorating September 11 terrorist attacks will begin around 2:40 pm CEST. It will take place at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Details
NIGERIA - Country Risk Level - High
9/13/2019COMBAT - Mallamfatori Kessa - The training facilities of Boko Haram terrorists in northern Borno, in Mallam Fatori in the fringes of Lake Chad, have been destroyed by air raids. Details
PAKISTAN - Country Risk Level - High
9/20/2019TERRORISM - Mohmand Agency - A major and a sepoy of the Pakistan Army were killed in an improvised explosive device explosion near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Mohmand tribal district Details
PHILIPPINES - Country Risk Level - High
9/19/2019BOMB THREAT - Manila - Mapua University on September 19 suspended classes in its Makati and Intramuros campuses due to a reported bomb threat. Details
9/8/2019TERRORISM - Indanan - A woman suicide bomber was killed in an explosion near a military detachment in tIndanan, Sulu on September 8. The explosion could have caused heavy casualties. Details
RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Country Risk Level - High
9/18/2019TERRORISM - Chegem - A home-made bomb was found in the zone of a counter-terrorism operation in the Kabardino-Balkaria Region. Details
SAUDI ARABIA - Country Risk Level - High
9/20/2019BOMBING - Missiles and drones have been launched from Yemen into Saudi Arabia. These events are expected to continue to occur. The situation remains unpredictable CDN GOV Details
9/17/2019SECURITY - Exercise increased caution in Saudi Arabia due to terrorism and the threat of missile and drone attacks on civilian targets. US GOVT Details
9/16/2019BOMBING - Houthi rebels, responsible for weekend attacks on Saudi oil facilities, threatened on September 16 to carry out more strikes and urged foreigners to stay away. Details
SOMALIA - Country Risk Level - Extreme
9/18/2019TERRORISM - Mogadishu - A car bomb attack targeted a restaurant in the capital Mogadishu killing at least three people and wounding six others. Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility. Details
9/15/2019BOMBING - Shabeellaha Hoose - A governors convoy was targeted with a remote-controlled explosion on September 15 while travelling in an area near Shalanbod. Two killed, four injured. Details
9/14/2019BOMBING - Balcad - At least three persons, including a local government official, were killed in a roadside blast along the road linking Balad and Jowhar towns in Middle Shabelle. Details
9/11/2019BOMBING - Mogadishu - Three mortar shells on September 11 hit nearby Presidential compound in Mogadishu. Al-Shabab barraged villages adjacent to Villa Somalia. No casualties. Details; Details
9/9/2019TERRORISM - Mogadishu - At least one person was killed and two others injured as an improvised explosive device fitted at a police car, exploded in Mogadishu on September 9. Details
SWEDEN - Country Risk Level - Medium
9/20/2019EXPLOSION - Lund - Police are investigating after a car exploded in Lund on September 20, just days after a woman was seriously injured in an explosion in the university town. Details
SYRIA - Country Risk Level - Extreme
9/21/2019BOMBING - Jebel Al-Sheikh - The Syrian Army has intercepted a drone loaded with cluster bombs over Jebel al-Sheikh near the Golan Heights. Special services dismantled the drone. Details
9/17/2019COMBAT - Palmyra - Several Syrian Arab Army soldiers were killed by the Islamic State terrorist group near the Hamimah region of the Homs Governorate, southeast of Palmyra city. Details
9/15/2019TERRORISM - Al-Rai - A rigged car exploded near a hospital in the Syrian town of al-Rai at the border with Turkey on September 15, killing 10 people and wounding 15. Details
9/13/2019BOMBING - Afrin - A number of civilians were injured in a terrorist car bomb suicide attack in Afrin city in Aleppo northern countryside. There were no reports of deaths. Details
9/12/2019COMBAT - Idlib - The Syrian Arab Air Force carried out several airstrikes over the Idlib Governorate hitting a number of sites belonging to the jihadist rebels. Details
9/9/2019BOMBING - Al Bukamal - Airstrikes attributed to Israel that targeted a base belonging to a pro-Iranian Shiite militia in Al Bukamal on September 9 completely destroyed storehouses. Details
TURKEY - Country Risk Level - High
9/12/2019BOMBING - Kulp - Kurdish rebels detonated an improvised explosive device on a road near Kulp,hitting a vehicle carrying villagers returning home after gathering wood.4 killed. Details
UKRAINE - Country Risk Level - High
9/18/2019BOMB THREAT - Kyiv - The Metro Bridge across the Dnipro River in Kyiv, has been blocked September 18 due to an attacker ithreatening to blow up the bridge. Attacker now detained. Details
UNITED KINGDOM - Country Risk Level - High
9/21/2019EXPLOSION - Bordon - A cordon was put in place on September 20 after a suspected WWII bomb has been discovered in Bordon. A controlled explosion has been carried out on September 21 Details
9/10/2019SECURITY - Londonderry - Police in Northern Ireland have been attacked with petrol bombs after finding a suspicious object in the Creggan area of Londonderry. Details
9/9/2019BOMB THREAT - Carrickfergus - Commercial premises have been evacuated in the Minorca Place area, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim, after a suspicious object was found on the afternoon of September 9 Details
9/8/2019TERRORISM - Strabane - Police in Northern Ireland have arrested a man under terrorism legislation after an improvised explosive device was found in Strabane on September 7. Details

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