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SYRIA - 11/23/2017 - BOMBING - Damascus - At least nine civilians were killed Thursday in airstrikes perpetrated by Syrian regime warplanes on areas controlled by the Syrian opposition in Eastern Ghouta Details   

PAKISTAN - 11/23/2017 - TERRORISM - Shabqadar - Police on Thursday foiled a terrorist attempt by arresting five terrorists during a raid in the Shabqadar area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Details   

SYRIA - 11/23/2017 - BOMBING - Deir Al-Zor - Russias long-range bombers have carried out air strikes on Islamic State targets in Syrias Deir al-Zor province on November 23. Details   

MYANMAR - 11/23/2017 - TERRORISM - Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Burma. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners. UK FCO Details   

OMAN - 11/23/2017 - TERRORISM - Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Oman. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners. UK FCO Details   

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Current Security Travel Alerts as of Thursday, November 23, 2017  5:11:23 PM

AFGHANISTAN - Country Risk Level - Extreme
11/23/2017BOMBING - Jalalabad - A suicide blast went off in Police District 1 of the city killing at least six civilians. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombing. Details
11/22/2017TERRORISM - Mazari Sharif - A driver killed in a magnetic bomb blast near Ghazanfar square in Mazar-e Sharif city. No group has claimed responsibility. Details
11/22/2017BOMBING - Helmand - U.S. fighters bombed the Taliban-run heroin labs in Bahramcha area of Dishu districts Tuesday night, Nov 21, killing 44 drug smugglers and destroying labs. Details
11/20/2017COMBAT - Jalalabad - At least twenty militants of the Taliban group and loyalists of the ISIS terrorist group were killed or wounded during the operations in eastern Nangarhar. Details
11/20/2017COMBAT - U.S. and Afghan forces have launched a series of attacks on narcotics laboratories in southern Afghanistan to target Taliban revenue streams. Details
11/19/2017TERRORISM - Farah - The Taliban attacked three checkpoints in the western Farah province of Afghanistan late on November 18, killing at least six policemen. Details
11/18/2017TERRORISM - Kabul - The Afghan intelligence operatives have foiled a coordinated attack plan by the notorious Haqqani terrorist network in Kabul city. Caution advised. Details
11/16/2017BOMBING - Kabul - UPDATE- A suicide attacker blew himself up outside a wedding hall, killing at least seven people. Details
11/16/2017BOMBING - Kabul - An explosive device was detonated outside a restaurant in Lab-e-Jar in Kabuls PD4. There was no immediate report of injuries or damage. Details
11/15/2017BOMBING - Shindand - Deadly airstrikes targeted the Taliban positions in the vicinity of Shindand district, in western Herat province leaving scores of militants dead or wounded Details
11/13/2017BOMBING - Kandahar - Casualties feared as terrorist riding an explosive-laden car parked alongside road in Dand district, blew it up next to military convoy of foreign forces Nov 13 Details
11/11/2017TERRORISM - Nawa - A suicide bomber has blown himself before reaching his intended target of Afghan security forces coordination center in Nawa district of the Helmand province. Details
11/11/2017COMBAT - Khogyani - At least seven Daesh and Taliban fighters have been killed during a clash between the rival groups in Khogyani district of eastern Nangarhar province. Details
11/10/2017BOMBING - Lashkar Gah - A heavy explosion was reported at a police station near the Bolan area in PD3 of Lashkargah city, killing one policeman and wounding five others. Details
11/9/2017BOMBING - Mazari Sharif - A suicide bomber has killed one businessman and wounded two others outside a restaurant near the Blue Mosque in central neighborhood of the city. Details
11/8/2017TERRORISM - Pashtun Kot - The Taliban insurgents have shot dead a former militia leader and his wife in Surkhab area of Pashtunkot district, northern Farayb province. Details
BAHRAIN - Country Risk Level - High
11/11/2017EXPLOSION - Buri - An oil pipe explosion in Buri village, Nov 10, was an act of terror with links to Iran. No injuries were reported. Details
BANGLADESH - Country Risk Level - High
11/19/2017TERRORISM - Bangladesh police had arrested a suspected leader of an Islamist group wanted in connection with the death in 2015 an US blogger critical of religious extremism Details
CAMEROON - Country Risk Level - High
11/20/2017TERRORISM - Kolofata - A suicide attack at a market in Kolofata, Far North, killed at least 2 civilians and wounded around 20 others. Details
11/13/2017SECURITY - Buea - A curfew has been imposed in Buea due to acts of terrorism perpetrated against the Forces of Law and Order by barbaric terrorists hiding among the population. Details
11/13/2017BOMBING - Bamenda - Four makeshift bombs exploded overnight in the main city in Cameroons restive anglophone region, but without causing casualties. Details
CENTRAL AFRICAN REP. - Country Risk Level - Extreme
11/12/2017BOMBING - Bangui - Four people were killed and over 20 wounded when grenades were thrown into a concert in Bangui, while revenge attacks later left another three people dead. Details
DENMARK - Country Risk Level - High
11/13/2017BOMB THREAT - Copenhagen - Copenhagen police investigating threat made against all Turkish airline Atlasglobal planes. Copenhagen airport reopens after police investigation. Details
DJIBOUTI - Country Risk Level - High
11/9/2017TERRORISM - Exercise a high degree of caution because of the threat of terrorist attack and the uncertain regional security environment. AU DFAT Details
EGYPT - Country Risk Level - High
11/15/2017TERRORISM - The Egyptian Army destroyed five hideouts and two vehicles belonging to extremists in Central Sinai, the southern part of North Sinai province. Details
11/10/2017TERRORISM - Arish - Suspected militants shot dead at least nine truck drivers in Egypts Sinai region when they targeted a transport convoy. No group claimed responsibility. Details
11/10/2017TERRORISM - Travellers are reminded that terror attacks could occur at anytime, anywhere in Egypt. AU DFAT Details
GEORGIA - Country Risk Level - High
11/22/2017SECURITY - Tbilisi - 3 gunmen,1 security officer killed,1 arrested in a nearly 24-hr special operation in Tbilisi,as counterterrorism unit stormed a multi-storey apartment building. Details
11/14/2017AIRPORT - Tbilisi Intl Airport - Evacuation has been declared at Tbilisi International Airport on November 14 after a bomb threat was received via phone call. Details; Details
GERMANY - Country Risk Level - High
11/22/2017SECURITY - Nuremberg - One year after the Berlin Christmas market terror attack, Nuremberg Christmas market beefs up security for opening Details
11/16/2017BOMB THREAT - Stuttgart - US military facilities in Stuttgart are to shut down so authorities can detonate a newly found 500-pound, World War II-era bomb on November 19. Avoid the area. Details
11/15/2017BOMB THREAT - Hannover Airport - Hannover Airport was closed on Nov. 15 after the discovery of explosives at a cargo centre. It reopened later after the suspicious package has been detonated. Details
11/8/2017BOMB THREAT - Berlin - Two 250-kg WWII bombs have been diffused in central Potsdam and in the outskirts of Berlin. Both areas had been evacuated as authorities diffused the bombs. Details
GREECE - Country Risk Level - Medium
11/17/2017PROTEST - Athens - UPDATE - Hundreds of youths attacked police in Greeces two largest cities on Friday, hurling rocks, flares and gas bombs, following large, peaceful marches. Details
INDIA - Country Risk Level - High
11/22/2017COMBAT - Keran - The Army foiled an infiltration bid by terrorists near the LoC in the Keran sector, killing a terrorist. One soldier died and 2 others were also injured. Details
11/20/2017BOMBING - Giridih - Two policemen were killed and three others injured while defusing a bomb that went off inside a police station in Jharkhands Giridih district. Details
11/18/2017COMBAT - Bandipora - Six Lshkar-e-Taiba terrorists have been killed by the security forces in north Kashmirs Bandipora district, in Hajin area. Details
11/18/2017SECURITY - Srinagar - Curfew-like restrictions have been imposed in Srinagar following the killing of a top commander of Al-Qaeda linked Mugais Mir near Zakura. Details
11/16/2017TERRORISM - Balrampur - At least seven security personnel were injured in an IED blast, allegedly triggered by Naxals, in Balrampur district along the Chhattisgarh-Jharkhand border. Details
11/15/2017TERRORISM - Uttar Pradesh - A high alert has been sounded offUttar Pradesh following reports of Lashkar-e-Taiba LeT terrorists planning to attack the Indian Air Force bases in the state Details
11/13/2017BOMBING - Chitrakonda - Two CoBRA jawans were on Mon Nov 13 injured in an IED blast while carrying out a combing operation near Jantapai village. Details
11/12/2017TERRORISM - Imphal - Two Assam Rifles jawans were killed in an IED explosion while they were patrolling near Manipurs Chandel. Details
11/12/2017TERRORISM - Bijapur - Three Naxals were gunned down in an encounter with security forces in forests in Chhattisgarhs Bijapur district. Explosives seized. Details
11/10/2017TERRORISM - Hyderabad - The police have arrested an alleged terrorist belonging to a banned outfit and recovered hand grenades from his possession in Phuleli, Hyderabad. Details
IRAN - Country Risk Level - Extreme
11/13/2017BOMBING - Kurdistan Province - Turkish army conducted airstrikes against guerrilla positions in Zap, Xakurke, Haftanin and Qandil of Southern Kurdistan on Nov 12. Details
IRAQ - Country Risk Level - Extreme
11/22/2017TERRORISM - Tikrit - Two Islamic State members were killed as they attempted infiltration toward security checkpoints, north of Tikri, in Jazeerat al-Siniyah region. Details
11/22/2017TERRORISM - Mosul - Iraqi security forces arrested a suicide bomber who tried to blow himself up near a popular market in Mosul. Details
11/22/2017TERRORISM - Kirkuk - Another mass grave containing the relics of people executed by the Islamic State militants was found at Laylans international road SE of the city of Kirkuk. Details
11/22/2017TERRORISM - Baghdad - An explosive device planted near a market in Suleikh region in Baghdad went off, leaving two civilians injured. Security forces sealed off the blast site. Details
11/21/2017BOMBING - Tuz Khurma - A vehicle rigged with explosives detonated in the vicinity of a crowded market, leaving dozens of people dead and wounded. Details
11/20/2017TERRORISM - Baghdad - An explosive device planted near a shop of construction materials went off in Abu Ghraib District, west of Baghdad, leaving four people injured. Details
11/20/2017TERRORISM - Al Anbar - Iraqi security forces have uncovered a major chemical depot belonging to Daesh Takfiri terrorists in the Salman district of al-Qaim town in province of Anbar. Details
11/19/2017BOMBING - Al Anbar - Three paramilitary personnel were killed, while five others were wounded as a booby-trapped house exploded in western Anbar. Details
11/18/2017TERRORISM - Baghdad - Two security personnel were killed, while four civilians were wounded in a bomb blast and armed attacks in Baghdad, in Gisr Diyala and al-Subaihat regions. Details
11/18/2017TERRORISM - Mosul - Two persons were killed, while a third from the same family was wounded in an attack launched by Islamic State militants in Jahouni village, in Hammam al-Alil. Details
11/17/2017BOMBING - Abu Ghraib - Four persons were wounded in an explosive device went off near a market in al-Zidan village in Abu Ghraib. Details
11/16/2017TERRORISM - Al Shirqat - A mass grave of 20 people executed by Islamic State militants was discovered in the town of Shirqat in Salahuddin province. Details
11/16/2017TERRORISM - Baghdad - A bomb placed near a market in al-Subaihat region, Abu Ghraib, exploded leaving four civilians wounded. Security troops cordoned off the accident spot. Details
11/15/2017TERRORISM - Baghdad - A bomb placed near stores in al-Nahrawan region, southeast of Baghdad, exploded leaving a civilian killed and five others wounded. Details
11/14/2017BOMBING - Baghdad - A bomb placed near a market at Bawi region SE of Baghdad exploded Nov14 wounding 3 civilians. Another bomb blast took place west if Baghdad injuring 3 civilians Details
11/13/2017COMBAT - Kirkuk - Six militants were killed, while fourteen others were arrested in Kirkuk. 152 bombs were defused between K-1 and al-Fatha region. Details
11/12/2017TERRORISM - Baghdad - A bomb exploded near stores at al-Hamamiyat village in al-Taji region, north of Baghdad, leaving one person killed and five others wounded. Details
11/12/2017TERRORISM - Rawa - IS members evacuated all its locations in Rawa, west of Anbar, and headed toward al-Maleha and al-Sakhriyat regions, south of Salahuddin. Details
11/12/2017TERRORISM - Mosul - Four people have been killed and three others injured in twin explosions in Mosul on November 12. Details
11/12/2017BOMBING - Sulaymaniyah - Turkish Air Force once again bombarded Asos Mountain in northern Sulaymaniyah Province of the Kurdistan Region on Sunday, November 12. Details
11/11/2017TERRORISM - Baghdad - A civilian was killed, while two others were wounded in a bomb blast near stores in Suwaib region, in south of Baghdad. Details
11/11/2017TERRORISM - Hawija - Mass graves containing at least 400 suspected Islamic State group victims have been found near the former jihadist bastion of Hawija in northern Iraq. Details
11/11/2017BOMBING - Salahuddin - Troops and the local administration of al-Ishaqi region imposed curfew in al-Farhatiya after 2 bomb blasts targeted army patrols and left 3 soldiers wounded. Details
11/10/2017TERRORISM - Baghdad - A bomb placed under a car of a lieutenant general from the traffic department exploded in al-Amiriya, west of Baghdad, which caused his death. Details
11/10/2017BOMB THREAT - Anah - Several soldiers were injured in a blast caused by remnants of the battles against Islamic State in al-Rayhana, east of Annah town, west of Anbar. Details
11/8/2017TERRORISM - Qa Im - Security troops have managed to thwart an attack by Islamic State using a booby-trapped vehicle in al-Rummana, north of Qaim in Anbar. Details
IRELAND - Country Risk Level - Medium
11/16/2017BOMB THREAT - Kilmeany - Defence Forces sent in its bomb disposal team to Carlow after finding a complex viable improvised device. The scene made safe after a controlled explosion. Details
ISRAEL THE WEST BANK AND GAZA - Country Risk Level - Extreme
11/22/2017TERRORISM - Kerem Shalom - Israel seized material for manufacturing explosives from a lorry attempting to cross from Israel into the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip at the Kerem Shalom crossing. Details
11/19/2017BOMBING - Golan Heights - An IDF tank fired a shell at a position of the Syrian army in the northern Golan Heights on November 19, for the second day in a row. Details
11/18/2017BOMBING - Golan Heights - An Israeli tank fired a warning shot at a Syrian military position in the demilitarized zone in the northern Golan Heights following construction work there. Details
11/17/2017SECURITY - Gush Etzion - A Palestinian terrorist carried out a combined ramming and stabbing attack near the Gush Etzion Junction. Two Israelis were wounded. Details
11/15/2017TERRORISM - Israel has barred tourists from visiting part of its border with Gaza as Palestinian Islamic Jihad vows revenge for the destruction of a cross-border tunnel. Details
11/13/2017TERRORISM - Jenin - UPDATE: Israels army arrested a senior Islamic Jihad member in Arraba near Jenin in the north of the occupied West Bank. Details
ITALY - Country Risk Level - Medium
11/17/2017BOMB THREAT - 2 separate bomb alerts went off in Florence and Milan, while in Livorno, police found makeshift explosives in a car during a routine road check. Details
KENYA - Country Risk Level - High
11/13/2017TERRORISM - Mandera - Kenyan security officers have launched a manhunt for Al-Shabaab militants who attacked and burnt 2 police vehicles escorting a commuter bus in Mandera county. Details
11/13/2017KIDNAPPING - Mombasa - UPDATE: A man who was kidnapped by gunmen in Old Town, Mombasa, two days ago has been found dead at Mbungoni Village in Bombolulu. Details
11/11/2017TERRORISM - Mombasa - Police have warned that there is an Al-Shabaab assassin on the loose in Mombasa and appealed for information that could lead to his arrest. Details
11/11/2017BUS - Mandera - UPDATE- Bus services plying the Mandera/Nairobi route resumed Nov 11, after a week-long suspension due to terror threats. Details
LIBYA - Country Risk Level - Extreme
11/21/2017BOMBING - Al Fuqaha - US military conducted 2 air strikes against IS militants near the city of Fuqaha in the past few days.No report if any casualties. Details
11/12/2017TERRORISM - 28 bodies with bullet wounds and torture marks were discovered on Nov 11 in an area west of Tripoli that has recently seen clashes between rival armed factions. Details
11/12/2017EXPLOSION - Tripoli - A car bomb explosion has been reported in the Martyrs Square of Tripoli. More details to come. Details
MOROCCO - Country Risk Level - High
11/10/2017TERRORISM - Fes - Moroccan authorities arrested 2 suspected terrorists with links to the terrorist cell which was dismantled last month in Fez, a popular tourist destination. Details
11/10/2017TERRORISM - Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Morocco. Remain vigilant at all times. UK FCO Details
MYANMAR - Country Risk Level - High
11/23/2017TERRORISM - Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Burma. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners. UK FCO Details
NETHERLANDS - Country Risk Level - High
11/9/2017BOMB THREAT - Amsterdam - DHL Cargo center at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport evacuated after sniffer dogs positive hit. A bomb disposal team has arrived at the packaging facility. Details
NIGERIA - Country Risk Level - Extreme
11/22/2017TERRORISM - Inspector General of Police has ordered all Commissioners of Police and other Police Formations nationwide to be on red-alert due to Boko Haram attacks. Details
11/22/2017SECURITY - Adamawa - A suicide bomber attacked a mosque during morning prayers in Mubi, Adamawa State. Initial reports state that 50 people were killed and others injured. UK FCO
11/21/2017BOMBING - Mubi - A suicide attack by a teenage boy after early morning prayers at a Mosque has claimed the lives of at least 30 persons. Details
11/20/2017TERRORISM - Maiduguri - 7 Boko Haram fighters on two motorbikes slaughtered 6 farmers outside the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri, Nov 19. Details
11/18/2017TERRORISM - Maiduguri - At least six persons, including four suicide bombers, died during an apparently coordinated suicide attacks by Boko Haram insurgents in Maiduguri on November 18 Details
11/17/2017BOMBING - Maiduguri - 18 persons were killed and 29 others injured on Wednesday evening as 4 suicide bombers attacked Muna Gari, a crowded suburb of Maiduguri. Details
11/15/2017TERRORISM - Maiduguri - At least six people were killed and 25 were wounded after suicide bombers attacked Maiduguri on Wednesday evening, November 15. Details
11/12/2017TERRORISM - Borno - At least two persons were killed and many others injured as gunmen believed to be Boko Haram insurgents attacked a village in Askira-Uba LGA, Borno State Nov 11 Details
11/8/2017TERRORISM - Riyom - 11 persons have been confirmed dead during an attack carried out by unknown gunmen at Rim Dyan community junction in Riyom Local Government Area, Plateau State. Details
NORTH KOREA - Country Risk Level - Extreme
11/20/2017SECURITY - President Donald Trump announced Nov 20 the U.S. is putting North Koreas murderous regime on Americas terrorism blacklist, joining Iran, Sudan and Syria. Details
OMAN - Country Risk Level - High
11/23/2017TERRORISM - Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Oman. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners. UK FCO Details
PAKISTAN - Country Risk Level - High
11/23/2017TERRORISM - Shabqadar - Police on Thursday foiled a terrorist attempt by arresting five terrorists during a raid in the Shabqadar area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Details
11/21/2017SHOOTING - Makran - FC conducted an IBO in village Panodi located in Makran Division.2 terrorists of proscribed organisation killed in the operation.2 soldiers injured. Details
11/20/2017TERRORISM - Islamabad - A man carrying 492 detonators and 196 dynamite sticks was arrested near the Faizabad interchange where religious parties have staged a sit-in protest. Details
11/16/2017TERRORISM - Dera Bugti - The Frontier Corps apprehended 5 suspects and recovered explosives and arms during raids on terrorist hideouts in Dera Bugti, Uch and Chaman. Details
11/15/2017TERRORISM - Punjab - An Afghan suicide bomber has entered Pakistan to conduct terror activity, leading to increasing of police security across the Punjab province. Details
11/12/2017TERRORISM - Khuzdar - At least five people were injured in an explosion near Government Degree College Cricket Stadium in Khuzdar town. Details
11/10/2017TERRORISM - Rohri - Three terrorists have been killed during an encounter in Rohri while the suspects were trying to target Bab-e-Karbala Imambargah. Details
11/9/2017BOMBING - Quetta - At least three policemen, including an officer, were killed and six others injured in a bomb blast. Details
11/8/2017TERRORISM - Karachi - A terrorist of banned outfit was killed in an encounter with police in Sohrab Goth area of Karachi. Another terrorist escaped from the scene. Details
PHILIPPINES - Country Risk Level - High
11/18/2017TERRORISM - Daraga - A Philippine Army trooper was shot to death at a marketplace in Purok 4, Barangay Anislag in Daraga, Albay by an alleged sparrow unit of the New Peoples Army. Details
11/16/2017TERRORISM - Isabela City - Police and military operatives have arrested an alleged member of the Abu Sayyaf Group in a law enforcement operation in Isabela City, the province of Basilan. Details
11/11/2017SECURITY - Davao City - Having defeated the Daesh-backed Maute Group in Marawi City, the Philippine armed forces are concentrating on pursuing other militant groups in Mindanao. Details
11/10/2017TERRORISM - Parang - Two suspected Abu Sayyaf members were arrested following an encounter between the government troops and the group in Parang, Sulu. Details
RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Country Risk Level - High
11/17/2017SECURITY - Russian Foreign Ministry warned Russian nationals about possible terrorist attacks in large European, American cities during Christmas,New Year holiday season Details
11/17/2017BOMB THREAT - St Petersburg - Schools, shopping malls, Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg evacuated Nov 17 after a fresh wave of fake bomb alerts on day of a visit by President Putin. Details
11/14/2017BOMB THREAT - Moscow - Moscow has faced over 500 fake bomb calls in two months and suffered a loss of millions of dollars as a result. Details
11/10/2017TERRORISM - Exercise a high degree of caution in all parts of Russia because of the threat of terrorist activity and crime. AU DFAT Details
SAUDI ARABIA - Country Risk Level - High
11/21/2017SECURITY - Carefully consider the risks of travel to Saudi Arabia due to continuing threats from terrorist groups - US GOVT Details
11/21/2017SECURITY - Consider the risks of travel due to continuing threats from terrorist groups and threat of ballistic missile attacks on civilian targets by rebel forces.US GOVT Details
11/11/2017SECURITY - Saudi Arabias pumping to Bahrain suspended.Kingdom stepping up security at its own facilities after oil pipeline blast in Bahrain linked to terrorism. Details
SLOVAKIA - Country Risk Level - Medium
11/9/2017TERRORISM - Updated information and advice about the threat from terrorism reflecting a reduced threat. UK FCO Details
SOMALIA - Country Risk Level - Extreme
11/21/2017BOMBING - Mogadishu - An American air strike on Nov 21 killed more than 100 people affiliated with the Islamic militant group, Shabab. Details
11/13/2017TERRORISM - The security situation in Somalia is highly volatile and there is an ongoing very high threat of terrorist attack. AU DFAT Details
11/12/2017SECURITY - Do not to travel to Somalia because of armed conflict, the very high threat of terrorist attack and kidnapping, and dangerous levels of violent crime. AU DFAT. Details
11/11/2017BOMBING - Shabeelle - Several militants were killed in a drone strike against Al-Shabaab extremists, Friday night, Nov 10, carried out in coordination with Somalias government. Details
SPAIN - Country Risk Level - High
11/22/2017TERRORISM - Advised of ETA group disarmament. CDN GOVT Details
11/17/2017TERRORISM - Updated information on the threat from terrorism reflecting a reduced threat. UK FCO Details
11/8/2017TERRORISM - Ceuta - The Spanish police have detained a man in Spains enclave of Ceuta in North Africa, who is suspected of having ties to Daesh. Details
SYRIA - Country Risk Level - Extreme
11/23/2017BOMBING - Damascus - At least nine civilians were killed Thursday in airstrikes perpetrated by Syrian regime warplanes on areas controlled by the Syrian opposition in Eastern Ghouta Details
11/23/2017BOMBING - Deir Al-Zor - Russias long-range bombers have carried out air strikes on Islamic State targets in Syrias Deir al-Zor province on November 23. Details
11/20/2017SECURITY - Hama - Syrian troops and their allies have established full control over the village of Shakhaiter, located 82 kilometers northeast of the west-central city of Hama. Details
11/19/2017BOMBING - Homs - Six people were killed and 44 more were wounded as a mill in a suburb of the Syrian city of Homs was shelled by militants. Details
11/19/2017BOMBING - Damascus - Two people were killed on November 19 in the shelling of a Damascus residential district by militants. Details
11/19/2017COMBAT - Albu Kamal - The Syrian army and its allies on November 19 seized full control of Albu Kamal, Daeshs last significant town in Syria. Details
11/18/2017TERRORISM - Idlib - A booby trapped vehicle exploded near Dawar al-Mehrab, in Idlib Province, killing one person and injuring more than 15 others. Details
11/18/2017BOMBING - Damascus - 22 people were wounded in Damascus on November 18 as militants opened fire with grenade launchers from the region of East Ghouta. Details
11/17/2017BOMBING - Deir Ez-Zur - 20 people killed and 30 injured by a car bomb planted by Islamic State at a site for displaced families in eastern Syria. Details
11/17/2017BOMBING - Duma - 5 children killed Nov 17 during Govt shelling in Douma. 2 volunteers from the White Helmets first responders were killed during search and rescue. Details
11/16/2017COMBAT - Damascus - Shelling by Syrian rebels killed six people in Damascus. Government bombing killed 14 in the citys rebel-held eastern suburbs. 42 people were injured. Details
11/15/2017TERRORISM - Al Bab - 3 children were killed in the explosion of a landmine, that was planted by the Islamic State group, in the city of al-Bab, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo. Details
11/15/2017BOMBING - Abu Kamal - Six Russian long-range bombers struck Islamic State targets near the town of Albu Kamal in Syrias Deir al-Zor Province on Wednesday, November 15. Details
11/13/2017TERRORISM - Deir Ez-Zur - 2 Chechen ISIL terrorists carried out separate suicide attacks on the army strongholds in Deir Ezzur airbase. No reports on the number of casualties or damage. Details
11/13/2017COMBAT - Al Bukamal - Fierce clashes are underway between the SA troops and ISIL terrorists around the town of Albu Kamal after arrival of fresh army soldiers. Details
11/13/2017COMBAT - Hama - The SAA continued their large-scale assault in the NE countryside of the Hama Governorate, targeting the Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham terrorist group near Idlib border. Details
11/13/2017BOMBING - Al Atarib - 50 civilians killed, wounded in air strikes carried out by Russian warplanes which destroyed the main market in the city of Atarib, including 100 stores,Nov 13. Details
11/12/2017COMBAT - Al Bukamal - Daesh has fully recaptured the border city of Albukamal, east of Syria after fierce battles with the Syrian regime forces that retook the city last Thursday. Details
11/12/2017BOMBING - Dozens of civilians have died in artillery fire and Russian bombardment of two displacement camps and surrounding territory in eastern Syria. Details
11/12/2017TERRORISM - Jaramana - A senior citizen was killed and five people were injured in the city of Jaramana, near Damascus, as a result of a terrorist attack on November 12. Details
11/11/2017COMBAT - Hama - The SA troops repelled terrorists heavy offensive to break through the government forces positions in Northern Hama inflicting heavy casualties on the militants Details
11/11/2017BOMBING - At least 26 civilians have died in artillery fire and Russian air strikes on two displacement camps and surrounding villages in eastern Syria. Details
11/10/2017COMBAT - Al Bukamal - Large parts of the eastern town of Al Bu Kamal were retaken by the extremists 12 hours after Syrian army claims it had liberated town. Details
11/10/2017COMBAT - Aleppo - The terrorist groups mortar units opened heavy fire on Jamiyat al-Zahra district in the Western part of Aleppo city, destroying several buildings. Details
11/9/2017COMBAT - ISIS on November 9 withdrew from the Markada district in Al-Hasakah province and the city of Buqamal in the Deir Ez-Zor province, both in eastern Syria. Details
TAJIKISTAN - Country Risk Level - High
11/16/2017TERRORISM - Exercise a high degree of caution in Tajikistan because of the threat of terrorist attack and potential for civil unrest. AU DFAT Details
THAILAND - Country Risk Level - High
11/12/2017COMBAT - Bannang Sata - 4 para-military rangers were wounded when an armored car on which they were travelling in Bannang Sata district of Yala was hit by a roadside bomb. Details
11/8/2017CRIME - Kong - A man was arrested after he threw petrol bombs at three state offices in Kong district of Nakhon Ratchasima. Details
TURKEY - Country Risk Level - High
11/20/2017COMBAT - Hassa - Turkish security forces killed at least two PKK terrorists in the southern Hatay province in Hassa district. Operation is still in progress. Details
11/18/2017TERRORISM - Diyarbakir - Turkish forces killed at least 14 members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party in southeastern Diyarbakr province. Arms and explosives were seized. Details
11/16/2017COMBAT - Agri - Turkish airstrikes killed three PKK terrorists in rural areas of Eleskirt, in countrys eastern Agri province. Details
11/15/2017TERRORISM - Catak - Police detained 11 people over their suspected links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party in the eastern province of Van, in Ercis and Catak districts. Details
11/13/2017COMBAT - The Turkish Air Force carried out air raids in the countrys eastern and southeastern provinces as well as northern Iraq, killing at least 17 PKK terrorists. Details
11/12/2017TERRORISM - Istanbul - At least 36 Daesh suspects were arrested in separate counterterrorism operations in Istanbuls Bayrampasa, Zeytinburnu, Basaksehir, Esenyurt, Tuzla and Umraniye. Details
11/10/2017TERRORISM - Turkish police have detained at least 100 people suspected of links to the Islamic State group in 82 locations in Istanbul and in province of Adana. Details
11/8/2017TERRORISM - Kayseri - An ISIS suspect has been arrested in Kayseri along with three other terror suspects, after a video of him shooting his brother dead emerged online. Details
UKRAINE - Country Risk Level - High
11/15/2017BOMBING - Hnutove - A Ukrainian police car has hit an anti-tank mine near the village of Hnutove in Donetsk region. A police major was killed and another two wounded. Details
11/11/2017BOMBING - Over the past 24 hours Ukrainian gunmen committed 57 ceasefire violations.Reportedly, 20 DPR near-front localities underwent Ukrainian shelling. Details
11/11/2017BOMBING - Donetsk - Civilian resident of Alexandrovka village in the Petrovsky district, west of Donetsk, affected by a blast of an explosive device in the grey zone near locality. Details
11/10/2017AIRPORT - 10 Ukrainian airports received anonymous calls about explosive devices being planted nearby airport buildings on Nov. 10. Bomb threats turned out to be hoaxes. Details
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Country Risk Level - High
11/14/2017TERRORISM - UAE authorities have arrested a number of alleged terrorists in connection with possible attack planning. Attacks could occur at any time. AU DFAT Details
UNITED KINGDOM - Country Risk Level - High
11/22/2017BOMB THREAT - Tilbury - An Amazon warehouse in Essex had to be evacuated over a bomb scare this morning. Staff have now been allowed back in and police believe it was a hoax. Details
11/16/2017BOMB THREAT - Glasgow - The bomb squad has been called to an office block in Glasgow city centre on Cadogan Street after a suspicious package was found. Details
11/12/2017BOMB THREAT - Omagh, N. Ireland - A Remembrance Day ceremony in Omagh, Co Tyrone has been interrupted by a bomb scare. Police remain at the scene in Drumragh Avenue on November 12. Details
UNITED STATES - Country Risk Level - High
11/20/2017SECURITY - New York - Security is expected to be extra tight at this years Macys Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade after the deadly Lower Manhattan terror attack last month. Details
11/20/2017BOMB THREAT - Lubbock, TX - Texas Tech police bomb squad are investigating a suspicious package in the area of the Talkington Hall Parking lot.Evacuation of all buildings not necessary Details
11/13/2017TERRORISM - There is currently a heightened threat of terrorist attack in the United States caused by those motivated by the rhetoric of extremists. AU DFAT Details
11/11/2017AIRPORT - Charlotte, NC - An air traffic controller at Charlotte Douglas Int. Airport and another man were arrested on charges related to possessing a weapon of mass destruction. Details
11/9/2017TERRORISM - US TERRORISM BULLETIN:DHS stepping up efforts to keep terrorists out of America and to prevent terrorist recruitment and radicalization. Remain vigilant. Details
YEMEN REPUBLIC - Country Risk Level - Extreme
11/21/2017AIRPORT - Sanaa Airport - Yemens main international airport was fully functional again, one week after a Saudi-led air strike destroyed the facilitys navigation system. Details
11/20/2017TERRORISM - Al Majalah - Two government soldiers were killed in a bomb blast in al-Mahfed district in the southern Abyan province. Three other soldiers were injured in the bombing. Details
11/14/2017TERRORISM - Aden - UPDATE: Ten civilians and policemen were killed on November 14 in a suicide bombing in Aden. ISIS affiliate in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack. Details
11/14/2017BOMBING - Aden - The suicide car bomb reportedly struck the police headquarters building in Mansoura district of Aden. It was not immediately clear if there were any casualties. Details
11/11/2017BOMBING - 31 civilians,were killed in the capital Sanaa and the governorates of Hodeidah and Saada during the past few hours as a result of air raids of Saudi Arabia. Details
11/9/2017BOMBING - Sanaa - The US-backed Saudi warplanes waged on November 9 four strikes on Sanhan and Bani Bahlull district of Sanaa province. Details
ZAMBIA - Country Risk Level - High
11/8/2017TERRORISM - Kasama - Ilegal immigrants armed with explosives and guns have been arrested and are in police custody in Kasama, Northern Province. Details

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